My name is Taylor Campbell. I was born in San Diego in Nov. so that makes me one of those Sassy Scorpio's that your mother warned you about. I like to describe myself as Classy but a bit Naughty. I love to laugh. I guess my favorite is political humor. I do however love to watch the "Planet's Funniest Animals" I own a few comical animals myself. All of them are big momma's babies. I'd be lying if I said I had no bad habits, but I do. I think my worst one is being a very impatient person. I like things done on time or before. I hate waiting, I hate incompetence.

I've been online now as an amateur model for about 6 years. I also modeled professionally for a few years, alot of you have already seen my work with Playboy, HotBody, Hit the Beach etc. I like to answer my own e-mail. Talking to my fans and friends online keeps me grounded I think. I like knowing that my fans are getting what "they" want and not just what I want to give them. I've become very good friends with so many cool people on-line, so make sure you drop me a line sometime.

Obviously I enjoy dressing up in lingerie, but I think my favorite is wearing my platforms. High Heels just turn me on, thigh high boots are even better!!

OK enoughs enough, now get in there and have FUN!!!!! Make sure you do something I wouldn't do *wink wink* Hugz and Hooterz
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